Article Rejected in the Preliminary Review Stage

Dear Authors,
for ensuring the quality of the article conform to the IRJBS standard and considers the Journal Management Editorial Guide (Panduan Editorial Pengelolaan Jurnal Ilmiah, published by Ristek-Brin, 2020, p. 24), please note some rules in the Preliminary Review stage below.

Editors will reject the article in the Preliminary Review stage and do not serve correspondence related to the article review process if they find the following:

1. The article does not conform to the IRJBS template and style,
2. The submitted article does not include a statement of originality of the work stated in the Copyright Transfer Agreement for Publishing (CTAP) Form (CTA must be uploaded as a supplementary file at the time of submitting the article).
3. Articles have similarities up to more than 20% based on Turnitin's Plagiarism Checker.
4. Articles are submitted to other journals in parallel or simultaneously.