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Membangun Strategi "Low Budget High Impact Di Era New Wave Marketing Kajian Atas Perusahaan-Perusahaan Top Brand 2000-2007

David Sukardi Kodrat


The purpose of this research is to test a new wave marketing phenomena: low budget, high impact marketing. This research uses enterprises which continuously get Top Brand from 2000 to 2007 as a population. Sampling selection is performed based on purposive sampling with object to gain samples according to the research aim. Based on those criteria, there are 19 companies, which have been fulflling the conditions required. The result reveals that coefcients determinants (R2) is 0,430. It means that 43 percents of independent variables (log sales, business ratio and net proft margin) with signifcant infuence to Top Brand Index. The infuential variable to Top Brand Index is Net Proft Margin with positive direction. In other word, the bigger of companys net proft margin, the bigger of Top Brand Index. It is proofed that winning Top Brands are the brands apply low budget, high impact as phenomena occurred in new wave marketing.

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