SCOPUS Citation Analysis

SCOPUS Citation Analysis

By October 2018, we found there are 65 IRJBS's articles that have been cited by other articles indexed in Scopus. There are cited as International Research Journal of Business Studies.


1.     The development of hierarchy of effects model in advertising

BS Wijaya - International Research Journal of Business Studies, 2015

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2.     Integrating marketing communications: New findings, new lessons, and new ideas

BatraKL Keller - Journal of Marketing, 2016 -

With the challenges presented by new media, shifting media patterns, and divided consumer attention, the optimal integration of marketing communications takes on increasing importance. Drawing on a review of relevant academic research and guided by managerial …

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3.     The elusive “trickle-down effect” of sport events: Assumptions and missed opportunities

MisenerTaks, L Chalip… - Managing Sport and …, 2015 - Taylor & Francis

The claimed benefits of sport events on sport participation rely on an asserted “trickle down effect”. There is a lack of empirical evidence that events can trigger increased physical activity and sport participation, and research has focused on large-scale events. This paper …

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4.     Learning the ShamWow: Creating infomercials to teach the AIDA model

SH LeeKD Hoffman - Marketing Education Review, 2015 - Taylor & Francis

The AIDA Model (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action) is one of the classical promotional theories in marketing. Through active-learning techniques and peer critiques, we use infomercials as an innovative educational tool to instruct the four components of the AIDA …

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5.     Evaluating public communication: Exploring new models, standards, and best practice

Macnamara - 2017 -

a review of 30 frameworks and models that inform processes for evaluation in communication, including the latest recommendations of industry bodies, evaluation councils and research institutes in several countries; recommendations for standards based on contemporary …

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6.     [HTML] Reframing the relevance of research to practice

S Fox, SN Groesser - European Management Journal, 2016 - Elsevier

We explain that the extant framing of research relevance is skewed because it is centred upon irrelevance of much research knowledge to practitioners, while excluding or under emphasising the irrelevance of much practice knowledge to practitioners.

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7.     Some insights in the historical prospective of hierarchy of effects model: a short review

FU Rehman, F Javed, T Nawaz, I Ahmed… - … and Business Review, 2014 -

The study emphasized on the role of hierarchy of effects model in advertisement and reviewed its historical background along with different phases. This study clarified the early development phase, modern development phase, some challenges and defenses, and …

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8.     Social media marketing evaluation using social network comments as an indicator for identifying consumer purchasing decision effectiveness

S Boon-Long, Wongsurawat - Journal of Direct, Data and Digital …, 2015 - Springer

It is very difficult to measure the effectiveness of social media marketing, and such measurement has not been done in any systematic way. This study shows how to develop a measurement instrument to evaluate consumer comments made on a social media …

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9.     The impact of formats and interactive modes on the effectiveness of mobile advertisements

KW Su, PH Huang, PH Chen, YT Li - Journal of Ambient Intelligence and …, 2016 - Springer

Mobile advertising researchers have suggested that the advertising effect is caused by the advertising features. However, research on mobile advertising effectiveness is scant. This article explores advertising formats and interactive modes related to the effectiveness of …

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10.  Understanding how consumers make fi nancial choices: a cross-disciplinary learning experience

S ThorpJ LouviereH Bateman - The Routledge Companion to …, 2014 -

Every day, individuals must make dozens of choices. Most choices are inconsequential, such as choosing many fast-moving consumer goods like breakfast cereals or paper towels. Some are very consequential, such as the choice of mortgage type, allocating retirement …

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11.  A thematic analysis of children's food commercials on Nigerian TV stations

OyeroSalawu - Journal of Communication, 2014 - Taylor & Francis

The prevalence of diseases affecting children necessitates investigation into whether attitudes and behaviours portrayed in food advertising are influencing children's diets. 
Television food commercials aimed at children were examined to identify elements that may …

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12.  A hybrid advertising media selection model using AHP and fuzzy-based GA decision making

HT Javan, Khanlari, O Motamedi… - Neural Computing and …, 2018 - Springer

Advertising media selection is the process of analyzing and choosing the most cost-effective media for advertising and promotions campaign. It is generally challenging because of the multiplicity of alternatives, the variations in objectives, and the budgetary limits of …

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13.  Want to make me emotional? The influence of emotional advertisements on women's consumption behavior

S Majeed, C Lu, Usman - Frontiers of Business Research …, 2017 -

A wide difference of opinion exists about the content and composition of emotions. Advertising may influence an audience and their buying decisions about products and services. The objective of this study is to better conceptualize how women emotionally …

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14.  Consumer-driven media planning and buying

DE Schultz, MP Block… - Journal of Marketing …, 2016 - Taylor & Francis

Media planning and buying has historically focused on efficient message distribution. Thus, most media planning approaches have focused on optimization models based on estimated reach and frequency. Those models assumed a hierarchy of effects base where consumers …

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15.  Services advertising: showcase the customer!

JM Décaudin, D Lacoste - Journal of Marketing Communications, 2018 - Taylor & Francis

The research presented in this article focuses on the effectiveness of advertising strategies used in services communication. For this purpose, a quantitative study of 50 magazine  advertisements for services in tourism and banking/insurance was conducted with a sample …

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16.  Examining the Role of WeChat in Advertising

Q Yao, M Wu - Handbook of Research on Human Social Interaction …, 2016 -

WeChat, the most popular social networking service mobile app in China, enables users to contact friends with text, audio, video contents as well as get to know new people within a range of a certain distance. Its latest version has gone beyond the pure social function and …

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17.  An integrated model of travelers' pro-environmental decision-making process: the role of the New Environmental Paradigm

E Park, SJ Lee, CK Lee, JS Kim… - Asia Pacific Journal of …, 2018 - Taylor & Francis

ABSTRACT This study integrated Value-Belief-Norm and Modified Norm Activation Model into a theoretical framework to identify the role of the New Environmental Paradigm (NEP) in tourists' pro-environmental decision-making process. Results of the structural model from …


18.  Emotion Induction in Click Intention of Picture Advertisement: A Field Examination

CH Wu, Sundiman, SC Kao… - Journal of Internet …, 2018 - Taylor & Francis

This exploratory study proposes a model for the effect of emotions evoked by insurance advertisement pictures on click attitude conducive to click intention. The moderating role of involvement is also examined. We propose a theoretical model and empirically test it in two …

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19.  Exploring the cognitive and affective bases of online purchase intentions: a hierarchical test across product types Verhagen, D Bloemers - Electronic Commerce Research, 2018 - Springer

Whereas there is ample e-commerce research on how online store beliefs and consumer online affective states may influence online purchase intentions, no research so far has examined whether the hierarchy of effects between these concepts differs across product …

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20.  The effects of job autonomy on work outcomes: Self efficacy as an intervening variable

Saragih - International Research Journal of Business Studies, 2015

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The mediating effect of work family conflict on the relationship between job autonomy and job satisfaction

GözükaraÇolako?lu - Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2016 - Elsevier

Satisfied employees are closely related with organizational success and performance, 
leading job satisfaction to become a key employee attitude. Employees feel greater 
satisfaction when they have freedom and independence to make work-related decisions …

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22.  Proactive behaviour as a mediator of the relationship between career management and career satisfaction

A Ismail, WAWM NowalidRA Bakar - Jurnal Pengurusan (UKM …, 2016 -

This study aims to quantify the relationship between career management, proactive 
behaviour and career satisfaction. A survey method was employed to gather self-report 
questionnaires from employees who work at a state Islamic agency in Peninsular Malaysia …

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23.  Autonomy, workload, work-life balance and job performance among teachers

Johari, F Yean Tan… - International Journal of …, 2018 -

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to examine the influence of autonomy, workload, and work-life balance on job performance among teachers. A survey was carried out among teachers in public schools in the Northern Region of Peninsular Malaysia …

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24.  The influence of transformational leadership on job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and employee performance

Atmojo - International research journal of business studies, 2015

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25. Building affective commitment through job characteristics, leadership and empowerment

PentareddySuganthi - Journal of Management & Organization, 2015 -

Employees committed to their organizations are more likely to contribute better and remain longer with their companies. This study examines how to build such organizational commitment through job characteristics, leadership and empowerment. Using a sample of …

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26. An Empirical Study on the Relationships among Transformational Leadership Dimensions, Job Satisfaction, and Organizational

F ÖLÇER - CLEAR International Journal of Research in …, 2015 -

The purpose of this study was to empirically investigate the relationships among the five 
dimensions of transformational leadership (idealized influence-behaviors; idealized 
influence-attributes; inspirational motivation; intellectual stimulation; and individualized …

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27. The Influence of Employee Commitment, Supervisor Sup-port, and Job Satisfaction towards Turnover Intention at Ciriajasa Engineering Consultant Co., Ltd

Prawirosumarto, MI Annur - International Journal of Management and …, 2017 -

The purpose of this study is to determine and analyze the influence of employee commitment, supervisor support, and job satisfaction towards turnover intention either simultaneously or partially. In this study, both primary and secondary data were obtained …

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28. The influence of transformational leadership on job satisfaction, organizational commitment,...

Being an excellent team: understanding how politics influence team performance

CK Chiu, SW Joe, CP Lin, TY Wu… - Total Quality Management …, 2018 - Taylor & Francis

This research develops a model based on the transaction cost theory and resource allocation theory to predict how politics (ie autocracy and opportunism) affect team performance in technology industries. Directly related to resource adequacy, team …

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29. The Relationship between the Transformational Leadership Style of Indonesian Evangelical Pastors and Their Followers' Commitment to Change in Church Ministry in …

AG Satyaputra - 2017 -

This quantitative study used the theory of Transformational Leadership (Bass & Avolio, 1995) and the theory of Commitment to Change (Herscovitch & Meyer, 2002), and the theological-biblical concept of transformational leadership and commitment to study the …

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30. Examining Leadership Styles as Predictors of Workplace Bullying among US Workers in the Manufacturing Sector

AV Fleming - 2017 -

Bullying is a problem in the workplace, but the relationship between leadership styles and bullying in the manufacturing workplace was unclear. Of particular concern are work-related bullying, person-related bullying, and physical intimidation. Using the Full Range …

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31. Reinforcing innovation through transformational leadership: mediating role of job satisfaction

M Al-edenat - Journal of Organizational Change Management, 2018 -

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to examine the direct role being played by transformational leadership (TL) dimensions in reinforcing product and service innovation. More particularly, the paper focusses on the role of job satisfaction (JS) as a mediator in this …


32. Retaining hotel employees as internal customers: Effect of organizational commitment on attitudinal and behavioral loyalty of employees

T Yao, Q QiuY Wei - International Journal of Hospitality Management, 2019 - Elsevier

High employee turnover has been a concern of the hotel practitioners and academics. Previous research more focused on reducing employee turnover by improving economic incentives. However, psychological incentives are getting more concerned now. This study …

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33. The Effect of Leadership on the Job Satisfaction of Online Adjunct Faculty at a For-profit University

DE Barnett - 2017 -

This quantitative correlational study was performed to examine the predictive relationship between leadership behaviors and the overall job satisfaction of adjunct faculty who teach online classes at a for-profit university in the Midwest United States. The theoretical …

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34.  Comparing entrepreneurship intention: A multigroup structural equation modeling approach

Sabrina O Sihombing


35. Investigating entrepreneurial intention among public sector university students of Pakistan

N Shah, BA Soomro - Education+ Training, 2017 -

An identification of factors influencing entrepreneurial intentions of public sector university students of Pakistan through Pearson's correlation and multiple regression analysis shows the attitudes toward behavior and subjective norms having a positive and significant …

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36. Socializing entrepreneurship

Apolloni, G Galliani, C ZizzoEpifania… - Procedia Computer …, 2013 - Elsevier

This paper discusses a statistical analysis emerging in the field entrepreneurship education, as a result of a survey conducted in the frame of the European Project NETT (Networked Entrepreneurship Training of Teachers, http://nett-project. eu). The analysis concerns both …

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37. Ajzen's theory of planned behavior in entrepreneurship education research

Fretschner - Becoming an entrepreneur, 2014 - Springer

For the last years, entrepreneurship education has been a key issue on the political agenda of governments around the world (WEF, 2009). This trend is set to continue in the future. Policymakers associate new business venturing with economic growth (Acs & Audretsch …

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38. Reconsidering what entrepreneurial intention implies: The evidence from Malaysian University students

ChuahH TingEC RunJH Cheah - International Journal of …, 2016 -

Entrepreneurship development has been designated as a key component in economic transformation and educational programs in Malaysia. The government has introduced various initiatives to cultivate entrepreneurial spirit among younger generations, especially …

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39. The intention to pay zakat commercial: an application of revised theory of planned behavior

HeikalKhaddafi - Journal of …, 2014 - International Foundation for …

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40.  A Strategic Planning ForCollegeStudent-Segment Shopping Mall

Astri Anindya Sari, Hanson Endra Kusuma, Baskoro Tedjo


41. A case study on shopping malls attributes for young consumers

GF Can, FB Kurtulmusoglu, KD Atalay - Young Consumers, 2016 -

Purpose This study aims to determine the mall criteria that are the most crucial for the youth market by determining the winning brand in comparison to other offerings to understand 
what is required to gain a competitive advantage and to differentiate a mall from its rivals …

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42. Web atmospherics as drivers of shopping centres' customer loyalty

SavelliCioppi, F Tombari - International Journal of Retail …, 2017 -

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to analyze whether and how the website atmosphere (WA) of a shopping centre affects the behavioural loyalty of customers towards physical shopping centres. A mediating variable–individual shopper motivation–is considered in …

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43.  Shoppers Perception on Physical Condition of Shopping Centre Atmosphere at Different Lifecycle

Astrid AstridAgus SachariPribadi Widodo 2012/7/11


 44.  Visitors' perception towards public space in shopping center in the creation sense of place


KusumowidagdoSachari, P Widodo - Procedia-Social and Behavioral …, 2015 - Elsevier

The aim of this research is to find out which public space plays a role in the formation of shopping center's image, to examine the intentionality of people's relationship to a shopping center, and to determine factors of public space design that create sense of place. The …

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45.  Factors affecting the behavior of university community to use credit card

Maya Sari, Rofi Rofaida 2015/8/24


46. Bringing Enjoy Shopping by Using Credit Cards: The Antecedents of Internal Beliefs

SY Tseng - Journal of Economics and Economic Education …, 2016 -

According to the revised version of the technology acceptance model (TAM)(Davis et al., 1992; Van der Heijden, 2003, 2004), perceived usefulness plays as a utilitarian motivator in technology acceptance behavior because people focus on the functional benefit (Davis et …

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47. Conceptual framework of factors determining intentions towards the adoption of family takaful-An extension of decomposed theory of planned behaviour.

S AzizMM HusinHussin - International Journal of …, 2017 -

The aim of this paper is to develop a theoretical framework on the basis of Decomposed Theory of Planned Behavior (DTPB). DTPB has been used in many disciplines to explain the intention behaviour relationship. However, there is a scarcity of literature published on the …

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48. A Systematic Literature Review to Identify Successful Elements for Financial Education and Counseling in Groups

Peeters, K Rijk, B SoetensB Storms… - Journal of Consumer …, 2018 - Wiley Online Library

This study reviews the literature available on contents, form, and effectiveness of group?based programs for combined financial education and counseling aimed specifically at populations at risk for financial difficulties. Despite the widespread application of these …

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49. Analysis of Factors Influencing Credit Card Ownership and Amount of Credit Card Debt

Sumarwan, H Kabbaro - Journal of Wealth Management & …, 2015 -

The objectives of the study were to determine the factors influencing credit card ownership and amount of credit card debt. The data was collected from 537 graduate students of the Graduate Programme of Management and Business, Bogor Agricultural University, Bogor …

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50.  The Influence Of Leadership, Talent Management, Organizational Cultureand Organizational Support On Employee Engagement

Jimmy Sadeli 2015/8/24


51. A “coalesced framework” of talent management and employee performance: For further research and practice

JK Mensah - International Journal of Productivity and …, 2015 -

Purpose–The purpose of this paper is to provide a conceptual framework that demonstrates the mechanisms through which talent management (TM) leads to the various dimensions of employee performance. Design/methodology/approach–A literature-based analysis was …

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Saputra, M Arief, D Gharnaditya… - VOL. 26 (T) MAR … -

This is an empirical study that explored the effect of learning culture on work engagement and learning agility. A total of 67 respondents, mostly senior managers and directors, were recruited for this study They work for leading companies in Indonesia in sectors such as ICT …



53.  The Customers’ Determinant Factors of the Bank Selection

Umbas Krisnanto 2015/8/24


54. Determinants of Bank Selection Criteria's in Relation to Jordanian Islamic and Conventional Banks

AF Srouji, MS Ab Halim, Lubis… - International Journal of …, 2015 -

This study aimed to identify the determinants of bank client selection of Islamic and  conventional banks in Jordan. Data was collected from 275 respondents in Jordan and focused on aspects such as bank convenience, service quality, religious motives of clients …

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55. The factors that determine physical entities' borrowing: Lithuanian case

Alisauskaite-Seskiene, R Remeikiene… - … Economics and Finance, 2015 - Elsevier

The aim of the study is identification of internal and external factors that determine physical entities' borrowing in Lithuanian finance market. The methods of the research include literature analysis, questionnaire survey, descriptive statistics and cross-variable analysis …

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56. Bank and product selection–an Australian student perspective

M Tucker, C Jubb - International Journal of Bank Marketing, 2018 -

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to investigate and comment on the factors used by  Australian students to select their bank and the products and services they utilize, based on responses to an online questionnaire. Design/methodology/approach A mixed-methods …

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57.  The Effect of Auditor Quality on the Follow-Up of Audit Recommendation

Pengarang: Dyah Setyaningrum, Lindawati Gani, Dwi Martani, Cris Kuntadi 2015/8/24


58. The Follow Up of Auditing Results, Accountability of Financial Reporting and Mediating Effect of Financial Loss Rate: An Empirical Study in Indonesian Local …

M DinGhozali, T Achmad - European Research Studies, 2017 -

This study aimed to analyze the effect of the follow-up of financial investigation results on the financial reporting accountability and to examine the influence of follow-up of financial investigation on the level of financial losses … This research was conducted in all the municipalities and …

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59. What Effects Do Privatisation Policies Have on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises?

M DinZainuddinMuharam - European Research Studies, 2017 -

This study attempts to test the effect of state ownership and follow-up of audit findings in 
state-owned enterprises (SOEs) owned by the government of the Republic of Indonesia, on the good corporate governance of SOEs … By using Ordinary Least Square (OLS) analysis, conducted …

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60.  Predicting intention to purchase counterfeit products: extending the theory of planned behavior

Shine Pintor S Patiro, Sabrina Sihombing 2016/3/11



61. Examining consumers' attitude towards purchase of counterfeit fashion products

V Bhatia - Journal of Indian Business Research, 2018 -

Purpose This paper aims to investigate the factors affecting consumers' attitude towards counterfeit fashion products and the relationship of consumers' attitude towards counterfeit fashion products with purchase intention. Design/methodology/approach A conceptual …

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62.  Relationships between budgetary participation and organizational commitment: Mediated by reinforcement contingency evidence from the service sector industries

Selvina, Y Yuliansyah, International Research Journal of Business Studies 8 (2)


63. A revisit of the participative budgeting and employees' self-efficacy interrelationship–empirical evidence from Indonesia's public sector

Yuliansyah, AA Khan - International Review of Public …, 2017 - Taylor & Francis

The study aims to investigate the effect of employees' participation in the budget construction  process, through voice and trust, on employee self-efficacy and performance, in public  sector organizations. Budgetary participation and employees' performance have been …

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64.  The impact of competencies, information search, and competitive strategy on the export performance

Elitan - International Research Journal of Business Studies, 2015

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65. How information and communication technology affect international trade: a comparative analysis of BRICS countries

ML Wang, CH Choi - Information Technology for Development, 2018 - Taylor & Francis

This study analyzed how information and communication technology (ICT) influences international trade volume, and it undertook a comparative analysis of BRICS countries using panel data from the 2000 to 2016 period. The findings showed that (1) the effect of ICT …